Friday, June 11, 2010

Advices to tackle graduation

Few days back I had attended the high school graduation ceremony of two cousins of same family. It was a historical day in the life of those two and also their families. It was a day of reflection and pride. There were many shining faces all in the High school cap and gown. All were looking alike with colored regalia for high school graduation and those diploma covers held in there diploma covers and bright faces with promises of tomorrow. The energy which this fresh bunch of students radiated is what made them different. There was so much enthusiasm and zeal in them that they looked different from the others who were present as guests.

The whole ambience reminded me of my own graduating ceremony and suddenly a whole ocean of emotions dashed against my memories. It was a romantic time where the moment is going to gift you a new life forever. The past is going to be wiped out forever and this feeling evokes an all together a new mixed feeling of great relief and sadness. There is yet another positive feeling for welcoming future. The future seemed uncertain and clueless, but there was an anxiety to face it.

The whole celebration is over. The band has played its famous beat, friends and families have taken pictures of day, and parents have recorded the whole view. Every one has done their part to make the most of the day. The final time comes now, when everyone will hug each other with a promise to stay connected forever. With heavy heart friends part with tears in eyes but with a promise that tomorrow is another day.

You are left alone surrounded only with your parents and siblings. The friends have all left and gone like yesterdays. Now is the time when you badly need someone’s wise maxims to guide you through the way of life.

If I were to give advice to these fresh graduation students, then my advice would have been:

Never in your entire life do anything primarily for money. Happiness will never come in your way if you are money minded. Do those things in which you have interest and passion for. Listen to your heart and follow your instinct then only happiness will chase you. The proverb holds true, never chase money, and let money chase you. Try sharing knowledge with others as it will increase your depth of knowledge. Share your feelings, intellect and time with someone who most desires it. This will earn you appreciation and reward. The shortest way for a successful life is earning spiritual wealth and not material wealth. Share your joys and sorrows with others. Never lose your cool no matter how angry you are with others. Try to be friendly and compassionate with one if front of you. Speak well and act good, this goodness towards others will come to you in leaps and bound. Make the best use of your knowledge and never take short cut to success. Thee short cuts in life will always land you in trouble. The old saying holds much truth, ‘slow and steady wins the race.’

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